Product Development Services

Nexus is an electronics research and development firm focusing on analog and digital circuit design, software design and consulting for the telecom and networking industries. Capabilities range from system architecture and board design to DSP, FPGA and ASIC design, combined with programming in C, C++ and assembly coding. Nexus has proven expertise with embedded designs in voice and data switching, transmission, signaling, powering, and testing. The company serves as an outside engineering department for businesses, venture groups, and government agencies under various working relationships designed to fit the need.

We can do your entire product development or just one part, depending on your needs. We specialize in telecommunications applications including ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design. In addition to satisfying performance specs, the products we design are optimized for appearance, cost, ease of parts procurement, manufacture, test, and maintenance. Compatibility with Bellcore, RUS, FCC, UL and VDE requirements is included as required.

Nexus customers include large established suppliers and companies in the dynamic start-up environment including: ADC Telecommunications, Adtran, Advanced Fibre Communications, Alcatel, Calix Networks, Coastcom, Infinitec Communications, InterDigital Communications, Jetstream Communications, NEC America, Next Level Communications, PairGain Technologies, Pliant Systems, PowerWan, Shoreline Communications, Teledata (ADC-Israel), Tellabs, UTStarcom.

Since the company’s inception in 1988, Nexus has experienced continued success and growth. The consolidated engineering team has over 100 years of elecommunications and networking design experience. Nexus has built success on a commitment to helping customers bring reliable voice and data products to the market quickly and economically. Nexus continues to back commitments with an emphasis on maintaining a close relationship with clients' engineering, product planning and manufacturing staff, both during and after the development of the product. More than half of the company’s sales are built on repeat business from satisfied clients.

A presentation that outlines Nexus capabilities can be found here.


Board Level Design

Subscriber line interfaces including POTS, Loop Start, Ground Start, Coin, FXS, FXO, E&M, UVG, P-phone (EBS), DDS, ISDN, T1, E1, xDSL and others including international interfaces.

Ringing and power supplies.

Remote test units to work with MLT and other remote test systems.

CPU, Time Slot Interchange, Alarm and other special function units.

Terminal adaptors.

Telephony interfaces for computers and LAN applications.

PBX and Digital Loop Carrier design.

Specifications and Test Plans

Our staff can integrate marketing requirements and technical standards to generate complete design and test specifications for your products.

PCB Layout and Manufacturability

Nexus personnel has extensive experience in PCB layout and board manufacturability. We can provide layout services as part of a turn-key contract or as a separate project.


Full documentation to your standards.


System Level Design

Nexus UltraThe Nexus Ultra in an ultra-broadband, ultra-dense Line Access Gateway, with 2-20Gb/slot, 2880 lines per rack. It is ideal for OEM switch vendors and CLECs seeking ultimate economy and functionality in a do-all multi-serivce access platform.

A more detailed technical description of the Ultra LAG can be found in this summary document.

We have prepared a presentation that outlines other key issues for the Ultra LAG implementation, including commercial considerations.


Nexus Ultra

The Nexus ESAServ is an Emergency Stand Alone call server, which converts any remote terminal into a Remote Switch Unit when its trunks are cut, enabling E911 and local calling.

A more detailed description of the ESAServ can be found in this summary brochure .


Electronic Parts for Sale

Nexus has a broad selection of unused or new electronic parts for sale. A list of the electronic parts available for sale can be browsed on the Available Parts page.

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