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EMC Pre-Compliance Testing and Consulting

We provide EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibilty) pre-compliance test and debug services for “unintentional radiators” and “conducted emissions” in a relaxed, accessible, knowledgeable and economical environment.
The problem…
It is a fact of life worldwide that every electronic product must pass EMC requirements before being sold. In the United States, it is the FCC that sets the rules in CFR 15.109 and CFR 15.107 for Unintentional Radiators and Conducted Emissions. Manufacturers generally do not have the equipment or expertise to run the required tests and so are dependent on outside test labs. The testing is generally done at the end of the development process, just prior to production with the hope that the device will pass the first time. Test lab time is expensive and EMC debugging is not straight forward; under the time pressure it is difficult at best to solve problems, and test lab personnel are generally not design consultants. The result can be multiple visits to the test lab and frustrating, expensive delays in getting a product into production.

The solution…
Located in rural Auburn, California we have set up a facility for companies to use for “pre-compliance” testing, the tests that you do before going to the full bore test lab. We offer a lower cost, lower pressure environment for EMC testing along with friendly expertise and tools for both testing and debugging. For radiated emissions, we have an OATS (Open Air Test Site) facility with the specialized spectrum analyzer and antennas to test any product with clock speeds under 108 MHz. We also have “sniffers” for near-field PCB or enclosure level debugging. For conducted emissions we have a LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network).

This has a number of advantages. It is almost like having your own test lab and EMC engineer without the expense and hassle. It becomes practical to check out your design earlier in the development cycle. You can build various options into the first version of your design and compare the EMC performance in relation to product cost. If you do have a problem, it is less of a guessing game that may require multiple passes through the modify and test cycle. You can probe through the design with tools specifically designed to narrow down the offending targets of interference or susceptibility. This saves time, development cost and sometimes even manufacturing cost. Often what happens is that incrememental changes get piled on top of each other through several iterations, and earlier modifications (which may add cost and complication) are left in the final design to avoid an additional build/test cycle.

And more consulting help…

With or without our pre-compliance testing, we can accompany your products to the final test lab for any and all types of compliance testing to insure that your interests are well served.

Product Development

Whether it is analog design, embedded design with firmware, WiFi, sensors, power supplies, anything in the IoT (Internet of Things) world, we can do it. From schematic capture to PCB layout, with decades of product development behind us, we are very experienced in the art of creating new products. For an example of our latest IoT product, check out the netAQUA Web-Enabled Irrigation Controller at

More about Nexus...

Mark Rosen Nexus has been in business providing product development and consulting services since 1988. Having come from an engineering management background, I am well aware of the hassles and possible pitfalls in using "consultants." We have been very successful, however, because we bring more to the table than experience and the specialized tools of the trade. Our goal is to have our team be a true extension of your team. That means that we are committed to providing the kind of willingness to communicate, and long term support that you expect from your own staff.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please call or email us. We are easy to talk to, and interested in hearing about your problems.

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