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Product Development

We are a team of experienced hardware and software engineers whose focus is the design of smart devices, specializing in the Analog to Digital interface inherent in any product that connects directly to the real world. We come from a structured and highly regulated environvironment where we developed many products for the telecom industry, and we now incorporate those high standards in all products that we create. Our customers have included start-ups and established corporate leaders. We have built our success on a commitment to helping our customers bring reliable products to the market quickly and economically. We have backed our commitment with an emphasis on maintaining a close relationship with our clients' engineering, product planning and manufacturing staff, both during and after the development of the product. More than half of our sales are built on repeat business from satisfied clients. Our customers have included local, national, and international firms, blurring the boundaries of location and time zones. We effectively utilize modern communications tools to seamlessly blend-in with our clients' activites, regardless of location.


Technical Feasibility Analysis for Venture Funded Enterprises

Our staff members serve as an unbiased expert team to assist venture funding groups in appraising the soundness of technical plans. We look carefully at the technical approach, staffing and equipment resources, and schedules. The information that we provide can be used to make decisions for or against funding, or to modify plans to better guarantee success.

More about Nexus...

Mark RosenI'd like to give you a personal introduction to myself and our company. My own experience goes back to 1967 when I graduated from M.I.T. As many engineers know, your career is often defined by your first job, and my first job was with Northeast Electronics Corporation, a manufacturer of telecom test equipment. In 1984 I founded Nexus Applied Research, Inc., and we began full time operation in 1988.

Nexus is an electronics research and development firm focusing on analog and digital circuit design, software design and consulting. Our design capabilities range from system architecture to the internal design of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), combined with programming expertise in C, C++ and assembly coding. We are very familiar with a wide range of issues in voice and data switching, transmission, signaling, powering and testing. We work, under contract and in partnership agreements, as an outside engineering department for businesses, venture groups, and government agencies.

Our staff in the US is augmented by a select group of professionals in Poland. This allows us to lower our professional costs, while maintaining a high level of experience and quality. Our staff in Poland includes software and hardware engineers. We've been working very closely with these same individuals for a number of years now, and have established a seamless interface between us here in the US and Poland. Between US and Polish staff, our hourly rates are very competitive with any in the industry.

We have designed equipment for dozens of manufacturers in the U.S., including Calix, Adtran, ADC Telecommunications, Tellabs, among others. We would be happy to provide references.

Having come from an engineering management background, I am well aware of the hassles and possible pitfalls in using "consultants." We have been very successful, however, because we bring more to the table than experience and the specialized tools of the trade. Our goal is to have our team be a true extension of your team. That means that we are committed to providing the kind of willingness to communicate, and long term support that you expect from your own staff.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please call, write, or email us. We are easy to talk to, and interested in hearing about your problems.

Mark Rosen

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